Right Now.

The world is happening. Right now. Not the past. Not the future. Now. & YOU are everything. So talk about everything, especially what you’re not supposed to talk about. It’s a method of growing & learning. Wake people up & remind everyone that we’re ALIVE. Encourage the getting out of distraction & getting into attentiveness. Have a good time in this world. Smile, laugh, sing a song, & joke, many of us are way too serious. I joke all the time, I’d say I joke too much but there’s no such thing as that. One last thing, rock-n-f’n roll, & rock it hard. Deep down I care & aim to please. I know what’s up & keep it all relative, at least I’d like to think so. Judges will judge. Why wouldn’t you want to have anything but fun & badass experiences? Make happiness, make love. Shit’s bomb. That’s how I’m going about my days thank you. That is all.