The rumors are true. I have a brand new project in the works. More info coming soon. That’s all you get for now.

LIVE and touring Bassist/backup vocalist for Aaron Lee and the Love Vigilantes (ALLV). Toured up, down, back and forth on the west coast and through the southern U.S., focused on the Los Angeles area performing songs off Aaron Lee’s album “Close Strangers”. You can find the most updated info on the ALLV website or facebook page:
Aaron Lee and the Love Vigilantes Official Website


1 of 2 Lead Vocalist & bassist for the rock band DIONYSOS. 3 released albums, toured and performed all over the western U.S. spreading our positive vibes/messages and melodic rock. The music and inspiration lives on forever. Visit our sites and download our tunes:
DIONYSOS Official Website
DIONYSOS on Facebook

“GIFT”  and “Be The Change”  by DIONYSOS on iTunes:



Lead vocalist/guitarist for the rock band SINFAMY. If you can find any of our music or video, you’re good, and quite possibly sitting on a gold mine.

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